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IQ(에브리피디아) 메인넷 런칭 및 IQ 토큰 획득 가능

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여러분이 잘 아시는 에브리피디아가 9일 메인넷 론칭과 함께 IQ 토큰 획득이 가능해졌다고 발표했습니다.

IQ토큰은 사용자가 플랫폼에 기사를 추가·편집하거나 거버넌스 문제에 참여하고 투표하는데 사용될 예정입니다.

좋은 EOS 댑들이 많이 생겨나길 응원해 봅니다.


The mainnet for decentralized encyclopedia startup Everipedia is now live.

The blockchain-based Wikipedia competitor announced the launch on Thursday, allowing users to earn its IQ tokens for adding or editing articles to the platform. These tokens, in turn, will let users participate and vote on network governance issues.

Everipedia's developers hope that this type of model will ensure that the platform remains fully independent of donations or advertisements. At the same time, the push toward decentralization is aimed at making the platform itself "uncensorable."

While Everipedia was previously accessible by anyone with an internet connection, the mainnet launch means it will now move from a traditional Web hosting service to a blockchain with a new URL.


The platform is built on top of the EOS blockchain platform, with Everipedia having moved to the EOS network earlier this year.

Everipedia announced that it would initially distribute its IQ tokens through an airdrop after EOS went live. Any user who owned EOS tokens could receive IQ tokens, the startup said at the time.

The startup notably boasts Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger as its chief information officer, as previously reported by CoinDesk.

In a statement, Sanger praised the launch, saying "we are elated to release our minimum viable network which allows users to vote on and create articles in a decentralized manner for the first time."





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