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루미오스 EOS 메인넷 마이그레이션 완료되었습니다.

Major Accomplishments

  • VC Funding — We’re excited to announce we’ve raised an additional round of seed funding (from a non-EOS VC) to help us build more great features and to complete our Q1 2019 airdrop — stay tuned.
  • EOS Mainnet Launch — Lumeos dApp has launched on EOS mainnet! Check out our transactions on any of the EOS block explorers like eospark.com.

EOS Mainnet Transactions
  • Ranked #2 EOS Dapp (Social Category) — In just under two weeks after launch, we already have over 20k transactions per day and have already climbed up the rankings to be the #2 EOS Dapp under the “social” categoryand we already the #71 EOS Dapp overall according to dapp.com just 1.5 weeks after mainnet launch.
  • New Features

    We know that having an engaged community is key to making Lumeos a place where users can come back to daily. So we’ve really focused on building text commenting, poll creation and poll sharing features that make Lumeos a much more interactive experience for users.

    • Text Commenting — users can now fully engage in the Lumeos community by making text comments regarding interesting poll questions and results

  • 1*jpn8sZZjz605wCmy57atkg.png
    Text Commenting
    • Poll Creation — we’ve finally opened up the Lumeos social surveying platform so every user can create their own polls (instead of just the Lumeos team). Note: you must have at least 1,500 LUME tokens in the wallet to unlock this feature and pay 20 LUMEs per poll question.

  • 1*49YUrUqECPrV1Ngwzgs4qg.png
    Poll Creation
    • Poll Sharing — using deep linking technology, you can now share a link to your favorite poll with your family and friends

  • 1*KsyE5kL_vIFeP9hF0Qd0jQ.png
    Poll Sharing
    • EOS Token Balance Support — The Lumeos wallet has been upgraded to support not only viewing your LUME token balance but also your EOS token balance. Just add your private key to your profile to view your EOS balance.

  • 1*hUiVMuwVPT9c-cWGjSo_mA.png
    EOS Token Balance Support

    Updated Road Map — Q1 2019

    Below are some of the major features and milestones targeted over the next 3 months:

    • Airdrop LUME tokens
    • “Predictive Market” Poll Questions
    • Translation to Other Languages
  • Airdrop — We been busy working with Republic, an Angel List subsidiary company, and other crypto advisory firms to finalize our Airdrop plans. We expect to airdrop LUME tokens to at least 100,000 crypto users in Q1 to help spread the word on the Lumeos project.

    Predictive Markets Polls — We’ve polled our user base and the majority of users have said they would like to be able to make wagers on poll results. Look for this the MVP version of this feature in the next few weeks. Email us if you have suggestions on predictive poll questions to wager on (team@lumeos.io).

    Predictive Markets Questionnaire

    Translate to Other Languages — For Q1, we’ll also translate the Lumeos social polling app to a variety of languages to expand our reach. Popular languages under consideration include Chinese, Spanish and Indonesian.

※ 출처 : 한국 EOS 뉴스 채널 - EOSDESK.IO. 본 콘텐츠는 EOS 관련 정보 제공 외 플랫폼 활용 및 관련 투자 등에 대한 어떠한 보장도 하지 않습니다.

Updates on Mainnet Launch, fundraising and new features
img_read.php?url=%252FPY4b8zlaHoT9qCkc8sMedium - Lumeos / 2019-01-29

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축하합니다. 첫번째 댓글로 포인트 선물을 받으셨습니다. :)
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"뮤직홀릭님의 댓글"

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이 댓글을 신고 하시겠습니까?

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죄송합니다...질문을 오해하게 좀 헛갈리게 제가질문을 했네요...카르마앱 나왔는지 물어본거였어요 ^^

뮤직홀릭님 답변듣고 지금 다운로드중....

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"차이님의 댓글"

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오잉~~ @,.@

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