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EOSIO 1.8 버전의 두번째 RC 버전이 릴리즈 되었습니다.

Nodeos bug fixes

Nodeos was using chainbase in a manner that could have exposed security vulnerabilities if the REPLACE_DEFERRED protocol feature was activated. The way the chainbase indices are used have now changed (#7266) to close this potential vulnerability even with the REPLACE_DEFERRED protocol feature activated.

Due to the changes in how chainbase indices are used, a shared_memory.bin file created by v1.8.0-rc1 is not compatible with v1.8.0-rc2.

The fork database serialized its blocks to disk in the wrong order in certain circumstances thus creating a fork_db.dat file that could not be opened during nodeos startup. The issue has been fixed (#7326) to not serialize the blocks to disk in the wrong order, but the fix cannot allow nodeos to open any fork_db.dat file that is already corrupted.

Updates to state history plugin

The state history plugin logged all values in traces including subjective ones that varied from node to node, e.g. the elapsed time to locally execute an action. The default behavior of the state history plugin is now to modify these subjective values to get consistent results across all nodes (#7298). The new default behavior enables state history nodes on the same version to generate identical trace and table delta logs assuming they both end at the same head block. The old behavior (which can enable access to action console logs and error messages) can be recovered by setting the trace-history-debug-mode to true which puts the state history plugin into a debug mode.

Notes on using the build script

Users of the build scripts may have run into build issues under certain environments. The first thing to try if running into build issues is to pass the -P -f flags to the build script which will force the script to build pinned versions of EOSIO dependencies (which may add significant time to the build process) before building EOSIO itself.

With this release, version 1.70 of Boost is also supported and is the preferred version that the build script will pin to if the -P flag is passed in. While Boost version 1.67 is still supported, the minimum version of Boost supported in EOSIO is expected to increase to 1.70 in the future. Since this release requires a replay from genesis for everyone upgrading from v1.7.x and earlier, users should consider forcing their EOSIO build to use Boost 1.70 by passing in the -P -f flags to the build script. Doing so will make it less likely to require portable snapshots in order to upgrade an existing chain state database to work with a future version of EOSIO.


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※ 출처 : 한국 EOS 뉴스 채널 - EOSDESK.IO. 본 콘텐츠는 EOS 관련 정보 제공 외 플랫폼 활용 및 관련 투자 등에 대한 어떠한 보장도 하지 않습니다.

※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange(CHEX) : https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos



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